St Laurence’s Church in Kirby Misperton Update

St Laurence’s Church in Kirby Misperton Update

Prayers and support needed please. Thank you to all the hard work put in by Nigel and many others of the congregation.

St Laurence Kirby Misperton Lead theft BBC Crimewatch.

St Laurence Kirby Misperton Lead theft BBC Crimewatch.

Posted by Benefices of Middleton & Kirby Misperton on Friday, 18 September 2020


From our local Gazette & Herald:-

A village church which was faced with raising thousands of pounds after thieves stole the lead from its roof has suffered further setbacks.

St Laurence’s Church in Kirby Misperton was targeted last year by intruders who stole roof leading and damaged stonework.

Nigel Brotherton, from the church’s PCC, said although work was starting on replacing the roof, after a long campaign to raise the money to pay for it, the church would still not be able to reopen to its congregation as the water ingress has radically damaged the interior.

He said: “Things have got even worse, with water penetrating light switches and fusing the system. Plaster work has fallen, panelling damaged to the point of needing removal and a host of interior objects in need of replacement or renovation.

“The interior plasterwork, decoration and wooden panelling have been seriously damaged by the ingress of water. This has been and continues to be an escalating problem as time and weather move on.

“We also know the biggest issue will be the refurbishment of some wooden panelling and the complete replacement of other such panelling. So far the roof and associated damaged stone work has cost almost £50,000, the interior will probably cost half as much again.”

Mr Brotherton said it was important for the public to know that lead theft from ancient buildings was not a petty crime.

“It endangers our precious heritage and costs many tens of thousands of pounds to restore, which, firstly, the church simply does not have, and secondly, if it did, would be spending on much more human charitable work,” he said.

“Without other sources of finance, the church faces the prospect of disuse, even when the roof has been replaced.

“To this end, the PCC is exploring all possible ways of raising further funding and are approaching a number of agencies to spread our need widely rather than hope for large sums from individual sources.”

For more information email Nigel Brotherton at or phone 01653 669902.