St. John’s, Newton Upon Rawcliffe

St John

Newton upon Rawcliffe

North Yorkshire



Rev Rob Barker




Mrs Sally Garrett


Originally Newton was part of Pickering Parish and during one period had three places of worship.


As buildings fell into disrepair and were condemned  work on the present Church, St John’s was started in 1866. The present Church was consecrated in 1870.


St Johns has altered very little over the years and is a simple, peaceful , typical mid Victorian country Church. The Church is set back but beautifully visible from the road and is surrounded by the original grave yard


There are excellent acoustics in the Church enhanced by a delightful 1894 Harrison and Harrison Organ 


The Church is also host for the village clock. A very fine and unusual clock with workings visible for all to see at ground level.


You are very welcome to visit at any time and who knows you may even find one or two famous mice!


1st Sunday 

9.30 Holy Communion Service



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