St Andrews Middleton Church Roof Appeal

St Andrews Middleton Church Roof Appeal

St Andrews Middleton Church Roof Appeal


Free donations to repair the village church roof every time you shop online!

First and foremost, St Andrews Middleton is a place of worship for the local community and others from further afield. It is also a building of significant historical interest. Whatever your religious standing, we should all be proud to live in a village with a grade 1 listed church and a history going back over 2,000 years. You will be aware that in November 2019, half the lead was stolen from St Andrews church roof. Following the theft, the PCC installed temporary rainproofing to prevent damage to the infrastructure and a lead alarm was installed to prevent further theft. We have now identified sufficient funds to replace the lead that was stolen with an alternative non-lead material. Historic England and parish funds have contributed to the repair.

The remaining cost has been covered with a 5-year Diocesan loan. As a village, we can all help to maintain the village church for the benefit of future generations. As part of the fundraising initiative, please help by setting up an account with easyfundraising to provide free donations (i.e. donations from the on-line store) every time you shop online.

Easyfundraising – set up in 5 easy steps!

1. Google search for ‘easyfundraising’.

2. In the ‘Start Fundraising Today’ box,

Search for the Cause ‘St Andrews Middleton’ and click ‘Support this cause’.

3. On the ‘Create an account’ page, select your method to create an account.

4. On the ‘Your almost there’ page,

Select ‘Add the donation reminder’.

5. When you search for a store that is registered to donate to easyfundraising, a ‘Free Donation’ window will now appear in the top right (see below screen shot).

You must click on this before shopping for the donation to be made.

Contact Russell on 07948 463975 if you have any problems setting up the account.