July Newsletter

July Newsletter


Welcome to July’s Newsletter. Although there is a delay on a full relaxation of restrictions on how we live, and notably few changes in churches as yet, you can see that more events and activities are being planned. Please do pray for the initiatives which are being planned especially for families and young people during the summer period.

URGENT RESPONSE NEEDED. If you have not already done so, please do look at the Appendix at the end of this Newsletter which suggests a number of areas of our church’s mission and ministry which we may consider to be priorities as we go forward. At this time we need locally and across the Diocese to look at how we plan to use the resources we have as carefully as possible. Resources should be interpreted in its widest sense not just money! Please do complete and return these questionnaires urgently to feed into discussion by our PCCs which begin next week.

The Institution and Induction of the Revd Robert Barker

The Bishop of Whitby, Rt. Revd Paul Ferguson and the Archdeacon of Cleveland, Ven. Amanda Bloor visited St Andrew’s Middleton on Tuesday 29th June for a special service at which, following a few weeks’ delay, Revd Rob Barker became Incumbent of our Parishes instead of Priest-in-Charge. We continue to pray for Rob and Pam as Rob begins this new chapter in his ministry.


I am informed that, during July, Rob and Pam will celebrate their Ruby Wedding Anniversary – 40 years and still smiling! We wish them many congratulations and every blessing on this happy occasion. MB

Churches Together Initiatives

Several new ventures are planned by the local Churches Together. These things may be based in Pickering but our groups of Churches are very much part of these plans and anyone, who could, should feel very welcome to join in or help.

i) Teeny Tinies – starting on 22nd June: 10 – 11am in the Methodist Hall, Pickering

ii) Holiday Club – Mon 2nd August – Fri 6th August in Pickering Parish Church Hall (primary school age children I believe)

Rev Jackie Cray tells me the Toddler Group in Kirby Misperton Village Hall has restarted on Mondays 10 – 11am. Jackie also tells me that the ‘Bus Project’ group has been awarded a grant of £10,000 towards the purchase of new bus / future ministry with Young people locally. The detached Youth Work in Pickering has already restarted (Rev Rob is part of that team). Please pray for the development of this project, for the Team’s outreach to our young people locally and for all the plans outlined above.

If you would like to know more, or feel you could help in any way with the Teeny Tinies or the Holiday Club, please speak to Rev Rob in the first instance. MB

Prayers for your use – focussing on our communities

Lord God, you have taught us that we are members one of another and that we can never live to ourselves alone: we thank you for the community of which we are part; for those who share with us in its activities, and for all who serve its varied interests. Help us, as we have opportunity, to make our own contribution to the community and to learn to be good neighbours, that by your love we may serve one another, for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Grant us a vision, Lord, to see what we can achieve, to reach beyond ourselves, to share our lives with others, to stretch our capabilities, to increase our sense of purpose, to be aware of where we can help, to be sensitive to your Presence, to give heed to your constant call. Amen.

[David Adam]

. . . . and for families near and far:

O Lord, bless this household; grant us health and peacefulness, fun and friendship, a warm and welcoming spirit, and a gentleness that quickly forgives, now and always. Amen.

O God, protect those whom we love and who are separated from us, guide them when they are uncertain, comfort them when they are lonely or afraid, and bless them with the warmth of your presence. Thank you that neither space nor time can cut us off from the love we have in each other and in you. Amen.

[all from Angela Ashwin’s ‘Book of a Thousand prayers’]

News from the churches

St Andrew’s, Middleton

We are pleased to report that work is due to begin on repairs to the North and South aisle roofs. There will be scaffolding inside church but it is hoped it should not affect planned services. The work is due for completion by mid August.

St Laurence’s, Kirby Misperton

Folk at St Laurence are busy putting together detailed information for grant applications to effect repairs following the lead theft last year. There is a desire to put solar panels on the flat roof where the lead was stolen. Other ideas being explored to reduce the carbon footprint include rewilding part of the churchyard behind the church building.

VACANCY – Parish Treasurer – Middleton, Newton and Sinnington

Gordon Halkyard stopped fulfilling this role following the APCM while continuing to keep the church accounts for St Andrew’s Middleton. We are grateful to him and to each of the keepers of individual church accounts. However, it is most important that the role of Parish Treasurer for all the parish is filled again as soon as possible. Gordon has supplied information about what the role involves, as follows:

Job vacancy – could this be you?

Middleton Benefice is in need of a treasurer to handle matters relating to the whole benefice.

This would be a fairly modest task as the 3 individual churches would continue to handle their own affairs.

Your role would be to pay the vicar’s expenses and other things relating to the whole benefice – perhaps 20 to 30 payments per year.

You would need to request contributions from the 3 church treasurers to cover these payments 2 or 3 times each year.

You would need to attend PCC meetings (4 each year) and give an overview of the finances of the parish and the 3 individual churches.

You would need to prepare the parish accounts each year and coordinate the production of the accounts from the 3 churches.

You would be the diocesan contact on finance and so would need to forward information to the 3 parish treasurers.

. . . . . . . . and that’s about it.

‘Training’ would be given!

If you feel you can help, please contact Rev Rob and/or Gordon as soon as possible.

Church Services for July

4th July (Trinity 5)

9.30am Newton – Holy Communion

10.00am Great Habton – Morning Worship

10.00am Salton – Holy Communion

11.00am Middleton – Methodist tradition

6.15pm Sinnington – Joint evening service in CHURCH

11th July (Trinity 6)

9.00am Kirby Misperton – Holy Communion

11.00am Middleton – Holy Communion

6.00pm Normanby – Holy Communion

18th July (Trinity 7)

9.30am Sinnington – Holy Communion

11.00am Great Habton – Morning Prayer

6.00pm Butterwick – Holy Communion **TBC – please check**

25th July (Trinity 8)

9.00am Kirby Misperton – Holy Communion

11.00am Middleton – Holy Communion

6.00pm Salton – Evening Prayer


** Please see the next page for Appendix 1 **

Appendix 1



Below is a range of approaches where extra resources would be helpful to our parishes. The wider resources of the diocese are limited and we need to know where best to focus them. By ticking up to 5 boxes, please indicate which of these you feel would be most useful in supporting mission and ministry in our parish.

These are from the diocese via the deanery that are being asked of our PCC’s and, as your PCC representatives, we would like to know what the feelings of our congregations are regarding these approaches. So can we ask you to tick the five you feel the most important prior to our PCC meeting to discuss this.


Thank you. Rev Rob Barker

  1. Lay Ministry Training
  2. Lay leadership of worship
  3. Support to deepen the life of prayer
  4. Discipleship resources
  5. ‘Leading Your Church into Growth’ resources
  6. Developing work with Children & Families
  7. Developing our ministry to schools
  8. Advice and support for online Ministry
  9. Ideas and support for evangelism Reaching 20s, 30s and 40s
  10. Reaching Seniors & Retireds
  11. Reaching those in deprived parts of the parish
  12. Support to enable collaboration cross parishes
  13. Enabling a greater sharing of resources across deaneries
  14. Enabling a greater sharing of resources across the diocese
  15. Support to simplify parish structures
  16. Maintaining church buildings
  17. Greater community use of church buildings
  18. Help finding grant funding
  19. Resources to encourage financial giving to grow
  20. Technological advice, e.g. IT, Sound Systems, etc.
  21. Support to engage with environmental concerns
  22. Deepening ecumenical relationships
  23. Other: please specify