Easter Sunday Celebrate with us

Easter Sunday Celebrate with us

Our Local Services for Easter Sunday

9am St Andrew’s, Middleton Holy Communion (said)

10am St John’s, Newton Holy Communion

10am St Laurence’s, Kirby Misperton Holy Communion

10am St John of Beverley, Salton Holy Communion

11am St Andrew’s, Middleton Morning Prayer in Methodist Tradition

11am All Saint’s, Sinnington Holy Communion (said)


Easter Vigil

The Easter Vigil is the first service of Easter and begins sometime on the evening of Holy Saturday (the day before Easter Day). It begins with a symbolic expectant waiting (usually outdoors around a fire) for the resurrection of Jesus on Easter morning, and this is represented visually by a large Easter candle, which is lit from the fire and brought into a darkened church. This depiction of new life and light represents Jesus’ resurrection on the first Easter morning. The congregation then light their own candles from the Easter candle, representing their own new life as followers of Jesus. The service will contain a number of readings from the Bible, and also an opportunity for all the participants to renew the promises made at their baptism. The Easter Vigil is usually a quiet and thoughtful service, but one full of joy.

On Easter Sunday, churches across England will celebrate because Jesus died for our sins and then rose again. This year, many churches will be live streaming their Easter Day service.

You can watch the Church of England’s national Easter Service with the Archbishop of Canterbury here.

On the third day after being crucified, Jesus’ tomb was found to be empty. He had risen from the dead. Life triumphs over death! The joy of resurrection is possible only because Christ endured death and conquered it.